Useful Links (incl funding opportunities)

This page contains an evolving compilation of useful links.

If you don't find a link here that is related to the
CEER mission, let us know and we will go find it and list it. 

Other MSU Units Engaged in SoTL or DBER

The MSU Faculty and Organizational Development Office has many services and resources for SoTL broadly and for Discipline-Based Educational Research in particular.

The CREATE 4 STEM Institute is a DBER focused center jointly sponsored by the College of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences. CEER and CRETATE4STEM have strong interactions since both are in STEM field.

The MSU College of Education maintains a set of videos from the Technology Enabled Instruction Brown-bag series:

EER Resources is a rich resource for engineering education research. Included are tutorials for getting started with both qualitative and quantitative research in engineering education. News and events of interest are also listed. 

NAE, Center for the Advancement of Scholarship in Engineering Education - CASEE.

Wisconsin Center for Educational Research - WCER

Index page for other Centers similar to CEER. Most of the centers listed on this index are Teaching and Learning Centers with some minor involvement in educational research. 

Research in Engineering Education Network - REEN

National Academy of Engineering, website on Changing the Conversation

External Funding Programs

DUE Submission Dates Listing (Division of Undergrad Education)

EEC Submission Dates Listing (Division of Engineering Education and Centers)

NSF Program Links, Recurring Interest

CAREER Program - NEXT DEADLINE July 23, 2013
Support for faculty early in their careers - requires comprehensive 
plan for research, instruction, and outreach

STEM scholarship program - DUE 

STEM Talent Expansion Program - DUE

 Research experiences for undergraduates - both sites and supplements

REESE Program - (currently REESE is not active)
Research and Evaluation in Science and Engineering - DUE

Research Initiation Grants in Engineering Education - EEC

Research in Engineering Education - EEC

EHR Core Research (ECR) - NEXT DEADLINES July 12, 2013 & February 4, 2014
 Education and Human Resources (EHR)


Internal MSU Links for Proposal Prep

Some proposals - particularly NSF proposals - are limited in terms of how many one institution can submit. In such cases, MSU has an internal competition to determine which proposal will go forward. Here is a page link to the explicit procedures to follow including a set cover letter that must be included for internal competitions. (These links are accurate as of 7/11/2010.)

DER, Division of Engineering Research.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
For any educational research in which you will collect data from people (students, faculty, admins, ..) you need to get IRB approval BEFORE you start data collection. CEER will be glad to help you with this process. 

Curriculum Resources for Various Topics

CEER does not endorse any of these items. We just list them. If you would like to add to this list, just fill out the CEER Contact Form and let us know the topic and the link.  

Commercial resource for teaching about wind energy. Focuses on K-12. Info about KidWind. Material is posted here as of January 2011. 

Links for Resources for Evaluation of Instruction

CEER can help with your needs to formally assess instructional efforts, including being an agent for assessment in your projects. The links below are meant to give you a comprehensive first look at assessment topics. This list is from the CAREER pages at NSF. 

NSF. (2002) The 2002 User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation

National Research Council
. (2000). How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School. Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning. Bransford, J.D., Brown, A.L., Cocking, R.R., Editors. with additional material from the Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice. Donovan, M.S., Bransford, J.D., and Pellegrino, J.W., Editors.

National Research Council. (2001). Adding it up: Helping children learn mathematics. Mathematics Learning Study Committee. Kilpatrick, J., Swafford, J., and Findell, B., Editors.

National Research Council. (2001). Knowing what students know: The science and design of educational assessment. Committee on the Foundations of Assessment. Pellegrino, J., Chudowsky, N., and Glaser, R., Editors

National Research Council. (2002). Scientific research in education. Committee on Scientific Principles for Education Research. Shavelson, R.J., and Towne, L., Editors.

National Research Council. (2007). Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science In Grades K-8. Duschl, R. A,.. Schweingruber, H. A, and Shouse, A. W., Editors

The Field Tested Learning Assessment Guide is a site that contains many assessment tools. Take care to be sure you understand a tool before applying it! The Views of Science Questionnaire (VNOS) is in particular interesting - it tries to get at student views on science by asking open ended questions. 

Links to use tutorials with no cost

Online tutorials are now available FREE for faculty and staff and members of the GEU. is one of the leading websites for jumpstarting your use of computer tools - ranging from MS Office to Apple Final Cut Studio to ... The list is very long of the topics covered. The tutorials are delivered in a friendly and accessible way. The access to for MSU is equivalent to a "premium user" on Lynda - and that gives you access to a set of exercise files as well as to the movie tutorials.  

If you want to go directly to via MSU then 
click here. You will be asked to authenticate with your MSU netid.   The ATS announcement of the program describes the launch of the MSU/ collaboration. A second ATS webpage has detailed information for users.   

NOTE: This access has been discontinued by MSU. Unfortunately!

CEER Researcher Links

Workshop by Jim Fairweather on "Using Competencies in the Transformation of STEM Curricula." CPACE workshop given July 20-23, 2010. 
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Link to CEER small conf room calendar (in 1410 A)

EEES team interaction room

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(open site, but login required for some areas)

EEES Third Year Review Prep
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CEER and AES Surveys
(open site - surveys and researcher links to results)

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CEER Internal (login required)

file storage in this folder on Google Drive (login required)

S-STEM 2013 (login required)