Tools for creating online presentations

Tools for making online presentations

There are many options when choosing tools for generating online material. Here are a few with easier entry:

People who already have significant investment in PowerPoint will find that Presenter is a very easy entry point. CEER has developed a set of tutorials that will help you if you want to explore Presenter. 

 Here are comments by colleagues. 

  • Scott Calabrese-Barton on 1 Jun 2012.  Only Camtasia appears to be cross-platform (both Windows and Mac) so it's the only one I would use. I have some experience with it and like it a alot.
  • C. Titus Brown on 1 Jun 2012.  I've used iShowU on Mac with great success.
  • Andre Benard on 1 Jun 2012.  I would suggest Adobe Captivate 5.5 over Camtasia and Presenter 7.0. Also, most packages have a 30-day free trial period.
  • Ramani Narayan on 2 Jun 2012.  I have worked with Adobe Presenter and am pleased with it. It ties in with Adobe Connect, which is used by me and other faculty for virtual presentations to graduate and undergraduate classes. It ties in with Adobe pdf files. The other programs are supported by DECS and so selecting Adobe presenter makes sense and harmony.