MATLAB Resource

MATLAB is a key computational resource for engineering. Below are links to a number of online tutorials for MATLAB. 

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This broad educational work by Dr. Jon Sticklen, developer of these educational screen movies has been supported by a gift from the MathWorks

  1. Movie on computational models in general

  2. First open of MATLAB and function creation
  3. Scalar operations

  4. Numerical Vector operations
  5. Numerical Array operations
  6.  Putting Comments in User Defined Functions - Items to include

  7. Using MATLAB Help

  8. 2D Plotting with MATLAB
  9. 3-D Plotting with MATLAB
  10. Programming constructs (IF, FOR)

This area is under active construction. There is a major section on symbolic computing in MATLAB that will be added soon as well as a section on numerical solutions to ODEs. Please visit again.