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Visit of Software Education Figure - Fri Sep 10

posted Sep 2, 2010, 4:44 AM by Jon Sticklen
(From Titus Brown in CSE) Greg Wilson will be visiting next Friday to give the CSE seminar on about What we actually know about software development, and why we believe it's true. Apart from his interest in measuring software development practices, The talk will be in 1279 Anthony Hall, 11:30 am, Friday Sep 10.

Greg is deeply involved in 
  • getting students into open source software development
  • teaching effective practices for computational science ("Software Carpentry")
  • increasing diversity, and especially gender diversity, in computing
He's a fascinating guy with a lot of random experience, too. More info

There are a number of open meeting slots; please let me know if you're interested in meeting with him. (Contact Titus Brown)