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Noontime College Seminar CEER Brownbag Series Tuesday Nov 5 3540 EB

posted Nov 4, 2013, 8:00 AM by Kathy Dehshiri   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 8:40 AM ]
   Tammy Bush(ME), Dawn Reinhold (BioSystems), and Eric Torng (CSE) 

    Last week, October 27-30, the National Academy of Engineering brought together 73 engineering faculty from across the United States in the fifth annual Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium (FOEE). Attendance was by invitation and started with nomination by an NAE member or a Dean of a college of engineering. Our College of Engineering at MSU is proud to have sent three of our faculty to FOEE-2013: Tammy Bush(ME), Dawn Reinhold (BioSystems), and Eric Torng (CSE). 

    This week the CEER Brownbag will feature Tammy, Dawn, and Eric giving their impressions of FOEE, the strongest takeaways from their experiences at FOEE, and brief descriptions of each of their current projects - the key ingredient for selection to FOEE. The session will end with a roundtable Q&A centered on FOEE.

The URL for FOEE-2013 is:

More about selection of Tammy, Dawn, and Eric is at the following URL:

This informal CEER Brownbag is noon-1 on Tuesday, Nov 4, in 3540 EB. As usual pizza and soda is provided.