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Mark Worden's Research Group in CHEMS Selected for MSU "Future Scientist" Program

posted Jun 17, 2010, 7:12 AM by Jon Sticklen   [ updated Jun 17, 2010, 10:54 AM ]
Prof. Mark Worden's research group has been selected to host a summer student in MSU’s new Future Scientist Program .  The goal of the Future Scientist Program is to motivate more bright US students to go into scientific research. The program was jointly developed by MSU, the American Cancer Society, and the Lansing School Board.  

Top local high-school students have applied and been selected for the program.  Each student will receive a stipend to work full time for two months in the laboratory of an MSU faculty member.  The students have signed a contract saying that they will work hard and be productive.  The expectation is that they will acquire enough data to be part of a research publication when they are done.  


The program will start on June 28 and run until August 20.  According to program director Ann Smith, othe first day, the Big 10 network will have a television crew at MSU to develop a story on this new initiative.


The student assigned to Dr. Worden's lab under the Future Scientist Program is Timothy Armstrong, who prefers to be called by his initials “TC." Timothy is from nearby Sexton High School.  Dr. Worden's plan is to have Timothy work on a planar lipid bilayer experiment under the direct supervision of Dr. Alexander Negoda.  Dr. Worden also notes that TC may also be involved with other projects in the lab, albeit to a lesser extent.  

Prof. Worden is shown standing in the photo above mentoring one of his students in his lab.