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"Freshman Connect" Wk of Sept 20

posted Sep 22, 2010, 7:30 PM by Jon Sticklen   [ updated Sep 23, 2010, 2:22 PM ]
A unique part of the EEES program is the Connector Faculty project. "Connector" here means faculty that first year students can use as an anchor - a connector - to the engineering profession and to the MSU College of Engineering. Studies over a number of years in undergraduate engineering have shown that a number of very capable students leave engineering because they do not feel part of engineering - especially in the first critical year of undergraduate study. 

The College is expending great effort to excite and engage first year students including the revamped first year program and the new Engineering Residential Experience (
ERE). The Connector Faculty program and the EEES project in general target the same goal - to better engage and retain good engineering students.

This fall the Connector Faculty project has mutated to include two weeks when first year students attended a selected - selected by the student - session with faculty from one of the nine undergraduate majors of the College. "Freshman Connect" will continue during the week of September 20.