EGR Lilly Fellows

The Lilly Fellows program at MSU recognizes faculty who have a demonstrated ability in the classroom. Each Lilly cohort is selected carefully from a pool of applicants who have each submitted a proposal for a class room innovation project. 

If you are interested in applying to the Office of Faculty and Organization Development (FOD) to be considered as a Lilly Scholar, go to the Lilly Web Page on the FOD website. 

Since its inception in the 1990s, the College of Engineering has been well represented in the Lilly Fellows program.

Our EGR colleagues who have participated as Lilly Fellows are listed below. 

       Congratulations to them all!

 yearEGR Lilly Fellow program link 
1994-1995 Susan Masten Civil & Env Egr  
  Melissa BaumanMaterials Science  details
 1996-1997 Eric TorngComputer Sci & Egr  details
 1998-1999Neeraj Buch  Civil & Env Egr 
 2002-2003 Charles Owen Computer Sci & Egr 
 2003-2004Syed Hasham  Civil & Env Egrdetails 
 2004-2005 Rigoberto BurguenoCivil & Env Egr  
Mantha Phankumar  Civil & Env Egr 
 2005-2006Norbert Mueller Mechanical Egr  
2006-2007  Milind KhireCivil & Env Egr  
 2009-2010Vlad Tarabara Civil & Env Egr details 
2010-2011  Pat Walton Chemical Egr details
 2011-2012 Alison Cupples Civil & Env Egr  details
2012-2013 Dawn ReinholdBiosystems & Ag Egr  (coming)
  Nizar LajnefCivil & Env Egr  (coming)