CAREER Grant Proposal Support

NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grants are designed to support newer faculty jump start their research careers.

An important part of your proposal for a career grant is a specific plan for education and outreach components of your comprehensive CAREER proposal. And an important part of your educational plan is to indicate how you will assess it. 

A CAREER proposal must indicate the goals and objectives of the education and integration of education plans, as well as the criteria for assessing that these goals are met.  Principal investigators are strongly encouraged to describe how the impact of the educational activities will be assessed or evaluated.
- from the current CAREER RFP from NSF

can help you develop an educational plan for CAREER proposal, and CEER can also play a role with assessment of the educational aspect of your CAREER project. The only necessary step on your part to obtain CEER help is to ask for it at least one month before your CAREER proposal is due. Open a conversation early with us. Just as you would not expect to start your research plan the week before a proposal is due - likewise you will find it difficult to complete a educational plan if you start the week before. 

See the NSF home page for CAREER for more information.

Contact CEER for additional information on what we can do to assist you.