CEER Services to CoE

CEER support is not a fixed set of activities - we expect to serve the EGR community to serve current and evolving needs in engineering education research and outcomes based education. The list below is the current list of our support activities.

To use any of these services of CEER, contact us at the links in the left menu. 

  •  Brainstorming your engineering education research paths: 

    If you have an idea you would like to explore for research in your classroom to test an idea you have, CEER personnel will look forward to discussing your ideas and helping you define a research plan including evaluation of your results. 

  • External Evaluation...: 

  • Help with Instructional Design...: 

  •  Regularly scheduled brown bag session on SoTL (scholarship of teaching and learning) topics: 

    During the regular academic year, there are College of Engineering BrownBags on each Tuesday at noon. 

    One of those meetings per month is devoted to an SoTL topic. If you have carried on an EER activity or innovated in your classroom, we look forward to having you present at one of these sessions. 
Contact CEER if you would like to lead a conversation about your EER activity. 
  •  Teaming for engagement in core projects of CEER: 

    If you are interested in engaging in a significant way in core projects of CEER or in general in the activities of the Center, we are interested in talking to you. If you are a novice in EER methods and background this is still an option - all of us were novices at one point.

  •  Help with Broader Impacts/Educational Aspects of your NSF (or other) proposal or project - : 

    NSF for one now requires that you explicitly address broader impact in your proposals. One possibility is to link your research thrust to your classroom activity.

    To be convincing that linkage needs to have a development plan - just as you would expect of your disciplinary research. CEER can help you develop that plan and can act as your assessment point for your classroom project. 

  •  Help with instructional technology: 

    CEER can help if you are getting started with clickers (personal response systems). 

    Likewise, CEER can help with an array of screen movie technology that you can use to augment your material delivery methods to your students. 

    CEER can also help you with specific problems and issue you may have using the Adobe Connect virtual meeting facility that is supported in the College. 

  •  Assistance with the IRB: 

To carry out studies of your class outcomes and then use the results for publication or proposals for research, you must get approval from the MSU "institutional review board" (aka IRB).

 can help you to reduce that overhead by (a) helping you step by step through your first IRB application and (b) helping you on any of your IRB applications if you have questions of if the IRB raises issue.